the Allison Transmission 02.12.24

Brian cox suggests ‘we are the means by which the universe understands and explores itself’

seems like a big job. we better split up and each work on our favorite bits.

of course , we know the answer to life, the universe and eveything is 42. it’s how we get there that’s in question.

anyhow, I’m concentrating on what tune should go next . forget the meaning of life , I’m in search of conceptual continuity.

I’ll show my work.

the allison transmission-made fresh daily

Old Time Shimmy Siegel-Schwall Band

Suffer to Sing the Blues David Bromberg

These Blues Terry Adams

Pt 3 Blues Band & Symphony Orchestra Seigel-Schwall Blues Band

Lundi Gras Strut (Instrumental Version) The New Orleans Jazz Ramblers

Lundi Gras, Day B4 Mardi Gras What? Rebirth Brass Band, Arden Lo & Biff

I Can’t Let Go Evie Sands

Angel Of The Morning The Pretenders

Don’t Speak in English Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez

Wild Thing The Trigs

Feel All Right Mold Monkies

wayback 02.12

Minute By Minute Michael McDonald

The Backroom promo 04

cygnus_phony world

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight Genesis

Rhapsody in Blue Leonard Bernstein & Los Angeles Philharmonic

Pretty Vacant Sex Pistols

Stink-Foot Frank Zappa

Wheel Me Out (Long Version) Was, Not Was

Blues Defunkt

Johnny and Mary Robert Palmer

Zak And Sara Ben Folds

love you for listening