the Allison Transmission 06.18.24

It’s true that age is just a number, and in the cosmic view of the universe, human age is pretty insignificant. The atoms that make up the human body are already billions of years old

For example, hydrogen — one of the key components of our bodies — formed in the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

Carbon, the primary component of all known life, formed in the fiery cauldron of stars at least 7 billion years ago. So when someone says we’re all made of “star stuff,” they’re very much telling the truth

and when I get to thinking I’m playing too many oldies. I have to respond (to that voice in my head), compared to what?

the allison transmission-made fresh daily

We Are All Made of Stars Moby

We Are All Connected Nye,Tyson,Feynman & Sagan

Big Bang Theory Theme Barenaked Ladies

Galaxy Song Monty Python

Humans from Earth T-Bone Burnett

Compared to What (feat. Alex Ligertwood) Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express

Squib Cakes [Live] TOP

cygnus_On The Fly Promo

Pumpkin Belly Tenor Saw

Yeah Honest The Right Offs

Rusty Bones Rusty Things

wayback 06.18

Supernova Ray LaMontagne

This Diamond Ring Gary Lewis & The Playboys

cygnus_shut up

Wrong Side of The Tracks Promo

Tell The Truth Derek & the Dominos

Farmer John Don & Dewey

Directly from My Heart to You Don Sugarcane Harris

Maybe I‚m Amazed (One Hand Clapping Sessions) Wings

Jungleland Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Situation Yaz

One Word (Peace) Subdues

Peace Norah Jones

Peaceful World Part 1 The Rascals

Shame, Shame, Shame Lake Street Dive

Get Off the Stage Chuck Prophet

love you for listening