the allison transmission 08.14.19

a few musical notes from my summer binge, 'billions' ...then on to the unknown or at least unplanned.   oh, the wayback machine has plans but that's always so. 

so...listen if you like , like if you listen.

the allison transmission-made fresh daily

Visions Of Johanna Bob Dylan
The Life You Chose Jason Isbell
Learn To Live With What You Are Ben Folds
Trapped Again Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Jump Into The Fire Nilsson, Harry
Love Is For Lovers The dB's
Bohemian Frank Critelli
Pray For Water Bacon
Zero Years Zero Years
Wayback 08.14
Poor Girl Ben Sidran
Don't Cry For No Hipster Ben Sidran
This Years Model promo Cygnus Radio
Catch 22 ID
Ruby, My Dear Terry Adams
Get A Grip NRBQ
We've Been Waiting Graham Central Station
It Ain't No Fun to Me Graham Central Station
Wrong Side of The Tracks Promo
Black Jack Davy Steeleye Span
Maggie May Rod Stewart
Triad (Live) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
What's Broken David Crosby
Sweet Dreams Roy Buchanan
Ramon's Blues Roy Buchanan
next door 60 (kill august 29)
Hang On Sloopy Mccoys
So It Goes Nick Lowe
The Sunday Buzz at Cafe 9
Rock It To The Kremlin Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue
love you for listening