the allison transmission 09.10.19

a little hair of the big al dog...wayback stuff and a gig or two  all mixed in a gumbo of musical randomness. 

the allison transmission-made fresh daily
I Bleed The World Famous Headliners
No Good to Cry The Wildweeds
Boys' Life NRBQ
Get Rhythm NRBQ
They've Opened Up The Closed-Up Shop Jedediah Parish!
Phone In A Pool Ben Folds w/ yMusic
That's Just What You Are Aimee Mann
We're Going to Be Friends The White Stripes
Let's Do Something Wrong Chuck Prophet
Somebody Sun 60
Back On The Streets Again Tower Of Power
Wayback 07.10
Change Mavis Staples
Gotta Serve Somebody Mavis Staples
Telstar (1962) The Tornados
cygnus dreams
Next Door - Jul '19
This Years Model promo Cygnus Radio
The Sidewinder Lee Morgan
Across the Imaginary Divide Béla Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio
Motorcycle (significance of the pickle)Song Arlo Guthrie
Where's All the Money? (Live) Cheryl Wheeler
Breakup Song, The Greg Kihn
Tired Of You King For A Day
Too Drunk (To Miss You) Big Bad Johns
Wrong Side of The Tracks Promo
John Alley James Velvet
John Barleycorn (Must Die) Traffic
Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun John Hartford
Mind Bender Stillwater
love you for listening