the Allison Transmission 09.22.22

looks like summer isn't gonna leave without some drama...thunder and lightning and such round these parts. that's a fitting final statement but seasons have limits. And as Orson Welles said “lack of limits is the enemy of art.' Not sure I totally agree but we change palettes and prepare to paint our days in new colors. Pollack noted an artist builds stuff…some with a brush - some with a shovel - some choose a pen, others, I’d add, with dancing digits. So if there’s a bit less green in your earbuds, that’s why. 
the Allison Transmission-made fresh daily 
End of a Summer Storm Alison Krauss 
Tell Me Summer Never Ends Meggie 
For the Summer Ray LaMontagne 
Summer Teeth Wilco 
The Last Day Of Summer The Cure 
Where's Summer B.? Ben Folds Five 
Communication Breakdown Led Zep 
The Great Communicator The Pharmicists 
Talk to Ya Later The Tubes 
Gunsmoke Blues (feat. Jason Isbell) Buddy Guy 
Somewhere in America The Alternate Routes 
Hurricane Mr. Right 
wayback 09.22 
Sambal E Falabe King Sunny Ade 
60 Years On... promo ;, 
My Old School Steely Dan 
Love Rears It's Ugly Head Living Colour 
God is a Bullet Concrete Blonde 
Cherry Bomb Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 
Breathless Camel 
One Nation Under a Groove Funkadelic 
Frame By Frame King Crimson 
The Messiah Will Come Again Roy Buchanan 
Bears Lyle Lovett 
Look Out Cleveland The Band 
Jemima Surrender The Band
King Harvest The Band 
I Let My Guitar Do The Talking Buddy Guy 
love you for listening