the allison transmission vomitorium edition w/dean falcone

wednesday  night  at cafe nine it's vomitorium time. hear your favorite songs from the swinging psychedelic, far out 1960’s slaughtered and massacred by an all star group of friends and foes 
we'll preview the great new haven turkeyday tradition with leader of the flock dean falcone...and talk about dean-o's many other projects.
of course the wayback machine and stuff™ will elbow their way into the proceedings , too.
the allison tranmsission-made fresh daily

Sound And Fury The Manchurians
Lie #1 Shellye Valauskas Experience
Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell 
Pet Sounds Beach Boys
Pretty Ballerina Left Banke
She's Not There (Stereo Mix) The Zombies
Love Made Easy Larney & Falcone
Trick Of The Light James Velvet
Powder Ridge Dean Falcone
Don't Sleep In The Subway Pet Clark
Along Comes Mary The Association
California Nights Leslie Gore
King Midas In Reverse The Hollies
And Your Bird Can Sing The Beatles
Wingnut's Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop promo
The List Station ID
Good Old Desk Nilsson
My White Bicycle Tomorrow
Lost Weekend The Backyard Committee
wayback 11.22
You And Your Boyfriend The Gentlemen
Long, Long, Long The Beatles
Sexy Sadie The Beatles
This Girl's In Love With You Dusty Springfield
Do You Remember Walter The Kinks
Comfortable Bed 100 Faces
Wrong Side of the Tracks Promo 
Branding Station ID
Someoneʼs Gonna Break Your Heart A Girl Named Eddy
Meaningless Jon Brion
Off With Its Head The Gentlemen
One Cloud In The Sky Barney & Falcone
love you for listening