the allison transmission w/frank critelli 01.13

what are they doing in there?...what are they planning?...when will they spring their plan on an unwitting public?...just wait.
frank and rick...the allison transmission...wednesdays
in the mean time listen to doc rock...right now !
What's He Building? Tom Waits
What It's Like Everlast
What If Richard Thompson
What Can I Do Poodle Boys
What I Said (#,) James Velvet
So Now What The Shins
Hummingbird Wilco
Casino Queen Wilco
Cygnus Frankie Gong
Wrong Side of The Tracks Promo
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting The Who
Pinball Wizard Elton John
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Live) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
wayback 01.13
Do you Realize Flaming Lips
Why Are We Sleeping? Soft Machine
This Years Model promo Cygnus Radio
One Step Beyond Madness
Our House Madness
Valdez In the Country Donny Hathaway
Serpentine Fire Earth, Wind & Fire
Skunk Funk The Brecker Brothers
Cocaine Blues (Live) Johnny Cash
Blues Power (Live) Eric Clapton
60 Years On
'Round Midnight Joe Pass
Ultimate Outlaw Frank Critelli
Weekend's Work Shandy Lawson
State of Mind Jeff Burnham
New Age Mystery Christopher Cavaliere
6 6 Seven The Bad Slugs
13 Days Graylight Campfire
Music Is My Monkey Charlie Wood
frank & rick say love you for listening