the Allison Transmission w/frank critelli 05.11.22

you know that thing where the radio wasn't a total insult to everything you hold dear about music? and the d.j. didn't say more than a couple stupid things a show?  the allison transmission is sorta like that.   well, on wednesdays the 'stupid things' quotient expands a bit, but so does the mirth and merriment!  frank's here, with tales and tunes from the road.
the allison transmission-made fresh daily
If It Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow
Beware Of Darkness Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Sting, Brandi Carlile
Everything Is Broken Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell
God Only Knows Natalie Maines
Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver
It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' Wendell Hall
Life in the Big City The Mold Monkies
wayback 05 .11
We Gotta Get Outta This Place The Animals
San Francisco Nights Eric Burdon & The Animals
Phony World Station ID
Wrong Side of the Tracks Promo QRQQ
Three Little Birds Bob Marley and The Wailers
Redemption Song Bob Marley and The Wailers
Drinking Music Carla Bley
Speck On A Clover Stephen Peter Rodgers
Sam Carlson
White Sedan _ Red Earth The Tines
Last to Know Brian Larney
Bobby D CT Rocks Fest
iBelong Adelaide Punkin
SHUT UP Low Ceilings
Sha La La La Lee Small Faces
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine Country Joe & The Fish
Capital Radio The Clash
Who Can It Be Now? Men At Work
Cabbage Alley The Meters
The Road Ahead The Bargain
love you for listening