the Allison Transmission w/Frank Critelli 05.29.24

I could say “well , here I am” but I’m much happier to say, “ah, there you are”… and today I can say,’ I’m glad Frank’s here too.’ 
we’ll check in with bob d and chat about ct rocks! fest’s jam packed weekend. 
there will be wednesday nonsense ,the wayback’s wanderings, tunes new and old, too. so…there you are. 
love you for listening.

the allison transmission-made fresh daily

The Doctor’s Blues Ben Sidran

Industrial Disease Dire Straits

Seen the Doctor Michael Penn

Glad That You Came The Naomi Star

Say I Had A Lovely Time Miracle Legion

Postcard the Who


Tokyo Bay The Reducers

Desert Rose Jellyshirts

wayback 05.29

I’m the Only One Melissa Etheridge

The Shadow Of A Black Crow (Live From Topeka Correctional Facility)Melissa Etheridge

Last Goodbye Jeff Buckley

Wrong Side of The Tracks Promo

cygnus_shut up

The Masterplan (Remastered) Oasis

Breakfast Machine Danny Elfman

Whisky Train Procol Harum

My Favorite Mistake Sheryl Crow

Cardinal Kasey Musgraves

Frank & Ava Suzanne Vega

Care For You Haunting Titans

Bob D’Aprile Talks CT Rocks! Fest

United Freaks of America Human Fund

Human Resources Farmertan

A Love Revolution B.C.

Alligator Shoes Bronson Rock

One Of These Days The Bargain

Good Together Lake Street Dive

love you for listening