the allison transmission w/frank critelli 06.30.20

Tom Robbins says: You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans. 

that's a nice heifer ya got there...wanna swap for some random tunes?

frank is here (with the blues) the wayback machine is here (with the news) .

the allison transmission-made fresh daily
Industrial Disease Dire Straits
You Make Me Sick Climax Blues Band
Sick The Wyrd Brothers
Seen The Doctor Michael Penn
A Heart Disease Called Love Miracle Legion
Marchin' To The City Bob Dylan
It's A Sin To Be Rich, It's A Low-Down Shame To Be Poor Lightnin' Hopkins
Katrina Rocky Lawrence
Rag and Bone The White Stripes
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan
Phantom Vibrations Dust Hat
wayback 06.30
Yas-Yas-Yas Dave Van Ronk
cygnus whip this out
Wingnut's Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop promo 06
Cocaine Dave Van Ronk & The Hudson Dusters
Can't Let Go Lucinda Williams
You Never Know Wilco
It Had Better Be Tonight [ ] Lena Horne
Back In The High Life Again Steve Winwood
The Jitterbug Waltz Chet Atkins
Tahitian Skies Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler
School Days Stanley Clarke
The Tiger & I Lara Herscovitch
Around The Sun Bronson Rock
Ride 'Em Out Fiction
Captain's Lament Wolf Harbor
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Humble & Kind Lori McKenna
Relatively Easy Jason Isbell
love you for listening