the Allison Transmission w/Frank Critelli. 08.03.22

ready ? no.
set? i already told ya, no.
go? yeah , alright.
the allison transmission-made fresh daily

Shoppin' for Clothes (Remastered FGGK) The Coasters
Extremely Cool Chuck E. Weiss
Be Cool Eddie Henderson
But I Was Cool Oscar Brown, Jr.
Buckets of Rain Seth Walker
If Dogs Run Free Bob Dylan
(Just Like) Starting Over John Lennon
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Louis Armstrong
Killing the Blues Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Get Off This Cracker
I Went Out At Night The Furors
wayback 08.03
For Once In My Life Tony Bennett & Stevie Wonder
Body and Soul Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse
You Are Number 6 ID
(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco Tony Bennett
Alone Again Or Love
Enter Sandman Metallica?
Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me) Stray Cats
Going Clear Elison Jackson
Blood Mercy Choir
Everybody Got to Fall Down Jake La Botz
Pass It On Laurel Canyon Band
Blame Anne Marie Menta
Free Mexican Airforce The Rowan Brothers
Moonshiner Uncle Tupelo
Let's Work Together Canned Heat
Green River Creedence Clearwater Revival
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Alison Krauss
Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
Life During Wartime Talking Heads
love you for listening