the loco archives 10.09.22

this sunday (10.09) at noonish  on’s  loco archives show, two great shows from the more than 34 year history of thelocalbandsshow as aired on wplr…original commercials, concert calendar and your hosts the one and only james velvet and rick allison
part one aired October 9th 2005   you’ll hear: mold monkeys…Larissa delorenzo & the buttondown mafia…presidential targets…the swaggerts …and release
part 2 aired on October 06th 2013.….  It’s another independisc special with Gary Gone You’ll hear: Hannah fair…Brandt Taylor…paper hill casket company…post modern panic…joey batts & them …and rezin
 and don’t forget, there’s a brand new edition of thelocalbandsshow sunday at 10pm on wplr and again noonish monday on  love you for listening.