The Word According to KP


Water Black Night 1-3 by Paul Belbusti, read by KP

The Bird and the Arrow – Mercy Choir

The Arrow and the Target – Mercy Choir

Passagreen – Mercy Choir

Ichor by S.G. Carlson

World Spins – Laundry Day

Spin Cycle – Lys Guillorn and Her Band

Americans – Tiny Ocean

America (for JV) – The Sawtelles

Cracked Pavement – Witch Hair

Post Ghost Hopes – Sketch tha Cataclysm

Middle Earth (featuring Sammus) – Ceschi

Evaporate – American Elm

I Am With You – Ponybird

Sprouts – Evelyn Gray

Your Own Truth – No Line North

Strange Opera by Frank Critelli

Frank Critelli’s Dream – Frank Critelli

Good Dreams – The Moon Shells