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Stream of Consciousness Review: The Sawtelles – 8×3

Yep…it’s The Sawtelles, alright. I’d recognize them anywhere. Yet… wait. What’s happening here? Why do I like this more than usual? It’s more minimalist, and it’s minimalist w/ more. The sax just slugged me. I’m knocked out loaded. Peter’s lyrics and as good as Dylan’s. Or Lou Reed’s. Julie’s drums are an ever-evolving and deepening

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Stream Of Consciousness Reviews: Shovels & Rope / Dana Twigg

Stream of Consciousness Reviews by Frank Critelli Shovels & Rope Little Seeds Breaking open the plastic, I already know I love this record. They’ve sharpened. But they’ve maintained the same spirit on O! Be Joyful! The new (but minor) studio tricks they’ve learned haven’t made them slick. That’s a good thing. “Honey, take a bow!”

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Stream of Consciousness Review: The Sunday Buzz with Sloof, King Bongo, and Sara Rose

Live Show – The Sunday Buzz @ Cafe Nine, State Street, New Haven –  04.10.16   SLOOF: (That’s FOOLS backward) Imagine that Phish and Weezer joined forces to start a surf band. The rhythm section sings and writes the songs, and the drummer plays barefoot. I like that. Fun and sloppy. Personable stage presence. King

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