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the Allison Transmission 05.17.22

Dottering dotard clinging to antique ideas about how radio should sound? Diligent docent of a music museum representing musics olde and new? Probably both and yet he persists, grid willing. Wayback…stuff released™…potential mirth … all on tap The allison transmission-made fresh daily But I Was Cool Oscar Brown, Jr. Who’s the Old Guy Now

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the Allison Transmission 05.16.22

the target? your pleasure centers. and we’ll use any means to excite them. waybackery waxes wise…stuff released™ gets release again …i make shit up. spacey…earthy…profound…frothy…i’m at a loss for both theme and direction. this is gonna be a mess. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Cookin’ at the Continental Lyle Lovett Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

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