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the allison transmission 10.19.21

ooooh…an oldie ! A)progressive, regressive, hip, lame, now, then, retro, futuristic radio. Q) what is … the allison transmission-branding’s a bitch Sound Of Love David Sancious & Tone True Love George Harrison Love, Peace and Happiness Chambers Brothers Tunnel Of Love Dire Straits I’m Vaccinated & I’m Ready For Love! Maria Muldaur She’s So

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the allison transmission w/ Frank Critelli. 10.14.21

somewhere where notes aren’t exactly notes…that nuanced thing called the quarter tone. somewhere near the beat but not quite …an off beat thing called syncopation…simultaneous improvisation …vamping…tradin’ eights…that’s frank and me…it’s jazz , really. the allison transmission-made fresh daily You Wear It Well Rod Stewart Best Shirt On Chuck Prophe tI Got A Shirt

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