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the allison transmission 10.10.19

last transmission of the week. yes, i know it’s only thursday. taking friday off. so…listen even harder than usual, ok? the wayback machine says it’s monk’s birthday among other notable notes. the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusradio.comDust In the Wind Todd RundgrenWind Pictures Ebin-Rose TrioCatch the Wind DonovanWind Circus Maximus With Jerry Jeff WalkerBlue Wind Jeff

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the allison transmission w/frank critelli 10.08.19

you…me…frank…funthe allison transmission-made fresh dailycygusradio.comAngry In The Key Of G EnzymeLet It Out (Let It All Hang Out) Los HombresGetting Ready to Get Down Josh RitterEagle Rock Daddy CoolShort Skirt / Long Jacket CAKEBefore Us WilcoWe Were Lucky WilcoCitizens WilcoHold Me Anyway WilcoQuiet Amplifier WilcoAn Empty Corner WilcoOne and a Half Stars WilcoBright Leaves WilcoWhite

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the allison transmission 10.07.19

in the first set it’s not ‘beware of mr baker ‘but ‘behold mr baker ‘…then on to the usual lack of focus and planning we’ve come to expect although the wayback machine provides just a bit of order.the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusrado.comWe Free Kings Ginger Baker’s Air ForceToad (Ginger Baker) CreamRambler Ginger Baker TrioSpace Chase

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