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Independent Corner

INDEPENDENT CORNER Saturdays 7:00 pm et Host: Daniel Haight Independent Corner is all about showcasing the future of the music industry from all around the world in all known genres and also cross-over genres too. It is also to serve as a building platform for the independent artists to continue growing their fan base not

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Independent Corner November 21st, 2020

Here is the November 21st episode of Independent Corner. We here at Cygnus Radio would like to please remind you that in this time of COVID-19, please be considerate of those around you. Wear a mask in public places and where social distancing is impossible, wash your hands and quarantine if you’ve been in contact

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Independent Corner October 17th, 2020

Here is the October 17th broadcast of Independent Corner. As a friendly reminder that during this time of COVID, please be vigilant and protect those around you by wearing a mask, social distant and stay home when you’re feeling sick. Daniel Haight

Independent Corner September 26th, 2020

Here is the first Independent Corner show of the 2020 Fall Season. As we are still in the grips of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a great reminder to please wash your hands, social distant where you can, wear a mask and quarantine if you have been in contact with someone who already has Coronavirus. Daniel Haight