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Random Rock Records August 13, 2022

Isaac Hayes, The Red Rooster Bobbie Gentry, Mississippi Delta Buffalo, Suzie Sunshine Benny Hester, We All Know He’s Coming Blackfoot Sue, Country Home Dunn & McCashen, Alright In The City Hard Stuff, Spider’s Web Jack Traylor & Steel Wind, Time To Be Happy A New Place To Live, Easy Does It Tom Newman, Suzie Hoover,

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MPH noise Skull


#MoshesPerHour  is volume 55 of MPH: Music Philanthropy and History in the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal Punk and Hardcore on Cygnus Radio. Join us the annual pit-tastic celebration of the rite (or right) of moshing, tonight, Friday 12 August beginning 22:00 USEDT (10pm nyc), from the Isle of Misfit toys, with the doormouse, dmf. Tune into #MoshesPerHour as we explore songs

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60 Years On… 08-11-22 hr.1

“60 Years On…” 08-11-22 playlist Hr.1 Aerosmith – Back in the SaddleJuliana Hatfield – PhysicalKim Fowley – The TripCracker – Let’s Go For A RideThe Beatles – Drive My Car / The Word / What You’re DoingBobby Fuller Four – Let Her DanceSteve Miller Band – Wild Mountain HoneyG. Love – Laughing In The SunshineNRBQ

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60 Years On… 08-11-22 hr.2

“60 Years On…” 08-11-22 playlist Hr.2 Ian Hunter – Shallow CrystalsThe Decemberists – The Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won’t Wrestle the Thistles Undone)Elton John – NinaThe Who – Sea And SandSteely Dan – Any World (That I’m Welcome To)The Doors – You Make Me RealThe Cars – Night SpotsSqueeze – Pulling Mussels

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Southern Accents with Travis James, August 12, 2022

The temps have finally cooled off, but the music is going to heat the beginning of your weekend end up. SOUTHERN ACCENTS is here to take you on a musical trip for the next couple of hours. The best way to kick off your weekend starts now…………………….. leavin trunk w/Taj Mahal,Allman Brothers Band Think,Aretha Franklin

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the Allison Transmission 08.12.22

how’s it all gonna fit ?…ten pounds of gravitas in a 5 pound sack…birthdays galore…a potent pile of pop released™…arguably the biggest night in new haven rock’nroll history …a couple gigs of note…and the filigree, connective tissues and blather attendant to the daily vanity project. it boggles the mind. the allison transmission-made fresh daily

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The Metal Dad – 8/11/22 Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight Goatwhore – Born Of Satan’s Flesh Black Anvil – Castrum Doloris Spellbook – Rehmeyer’s Hollow Acid Bath – The Blue Enslaved – Loke Bethlehem – Vargtimmen Death – Pull the Plug Voivod – Voivod Dio – Another Lie Black Sabbath – Supernaut

the Allison Transmission 08.11.22

blah, blah, shameless self promotion, blah, blah, a glance wayback…blah blah ,a nip off the 5th… blah, blah , promise of entertainment, blah,blah, one guys version of what is hip , blah, blah, dig me, blah, blah, blah the allison transmission-made fresh daily The Fifth Allan Holdsworth, Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman

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