Every Little Thing

Sunday’s 11:00 AM ET (not available On-Demand)
Hosted by: Ken Michaels

The Beatles radio show “Every Little Thing” is a one-hour weekly program that encompasses all the works of the Beatles’ group and solo-careers. Every show includes a wide mixture from this massive catalog, along with bonus features, such as cover versions, side-projects, music from Apple recording artists, family members, tribute songs, and rarities. Each program has a unique thematic set that closes the show, ranging from sheer fun topics (songs with numbers, girls’ names, songs with 3 of the 4 Beatles on record, songs that feature harmonicas, etc.) to more serious subjects (John Lennon’s political songs,  songs featuring Paul McCartney on drums, songs the Beatles wrote for other artists, etc.) And every show has a trivia question or game thrown in as a bonus!

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