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Tones of Texas Episode #7 2/17/17

http://cygnusradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ToT_7.mp3 Episode #7 Ooni For the Press Twang Twang Shock A Boom Fighting Back My Jerusalem Dominoes Cotton Mather Close to the Sun Darkbird All There Is Nicholas Azlon Relax Kid Grupo Massa Xote Massa Kodachrome Beauty from Destruction God Drives A Galaxy The Original The Dizzease Sticky Hand Bethany Becker Walls Jesse Woods Gold

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Stream of Consciousness Review: The Record Company

The Record Company – Give It Back To You  Stream of Consciousness Review by Frank Critelli. Yes.This is exactly what I need to hear: self-help for badasses. Riffy acoustic country blues. Heavy front porch music. Great bass player. Appropriately sloppy – loosely in the groove. “It feels so good doin’ what you want when you know you shouldn’t.”

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