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My Week That Was 12-07-17 hr.1

“My Week That Was” 12-07-17 playlist Hr.1 The Beatles – Within You Without You (Take 1 Indian Instruments) Laini and the Wildfire – Newport Laini and the Wildfire – Sunday Blind Melon – Holyman Tyrone Shoelaces – In The Garden Van Morrison – Broken Record Pugwash – Autarch Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Thrasher

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My Week That Was 09-21-17 hr.1

“My Week That Was” 9-21-17 playlist Hr.1 Beth Orton – Tangent The Allman Brothers Band – Trouble No More Wailhounds – Back Where It All Begins Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Danger Bird Neil Young – Powderfinger Hi Fi Automatic – An Ominous Sky Ella Atlas – Hotel You mellowtone – long gone Laundry

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