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Wingnut’s Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop 07.22.17 Hour 1

I Hear You Knocking / Dave Edmunds A.C.D.C. / The Parade Rock The Boat / The Hues Corporation This Time / INXS Hollywood Blvd. / Neil Merryweather Mind Bender / Stillwater Rendezvous / The Hudson Brothers I’ll Be Around / The Spinners Wait Till Tomorrow / The Banana Splits Yeh Yeh / Georgie Fame Promises,

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Wingnut’s Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop 07.01.17 Hour 2

Rock Me / Steppenwolf John Works Hard / The Laughing Wind Beggin’ Benny / Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids Pop Muzic / M Double Yellow Line / The Music Machine Lovin’ Is Livin’ / Five Americans Let Me Be There / Olivia Newton-John (I’ll Give You) Money / Peter Frampton Don’t Look Back /

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