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the allison transmission 01.29.18

even if you watched the grammys ™ (and i’m guessing you didn’t) you didn’t see most of the winners i’ll be playing..and…the wayback machine exerts it’s musical gravity on the proceedings…there’ll be new stuff and old stuff and stuff in between. the allison transmission-stuff played daily   Miles Beyond (Live at Ronnie Scott’s, London,

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the allison transmission 01.26.18

paired opposites make the world go ’round…day/night…he/she…proton/electron…d.j/listener…you complete me. the weekend..the wayback…the wild untamed madness of a rudderless vessel steaming at flank speed toward the reef…wait..wait…it’s just… the allison transmission-made fresh daily   Brace For Impact (Live A Little) Sturgill Simpson Sultana Son Volt Midnight Train to Memphis Chris Stapleton Countree Dave Hogan Yin-Yang

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the allison transmission 01.25.18

gaaaak…it’s show time. places everybody. the allison transmission -made fresh daily   Here I Am Lyle Lovett Cheeseburger Gang of Four Cheeseburger in Paradise Jimmy Buffett Hamburger Midnight Little Feat Boogies (Hamburger Hell) Todd Rundgren You Want Fries With That? Forever Einstein Water Song Hot Tuna Snack Attack Godley & Creme Drinkin’ Smokin’ Cheatin’

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