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the loco archives 04.18.21

today at noonish on’s loco archives show, two great shows from the 33 plus year history of thelocalbandsshow as aired on wplr…original commercials, concert calendar and your hosts the one and only james velvet and rick allison part one aired April 15th 2012 robbie derosa is here to preview the daffodil festival. You’ll hear

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the allison transmission 04.16.21

with the persistence of the crab pulsar…the transmission transmits….daily (well ,weekdays) whether or not you listen it persists…it’s just better with you along for the ride. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Money Honey John Hammond, Jr. Jim Dandy La Vern Baker Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody John Prine Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You The Jimmy

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