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The Metal Dad

Thursdays 7:00pm et Fridays 2:00pm et w/ Chip McCabe Lover of Heavy Metal and his children (not necessarily in that order). Chip’s been a metalhead for almost 30 years, and a parent for over 15. He has stories to share about both and then some. One part parenting, one part music, welcome to The Metal

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The Metal Dad – 11/16/17

  Iron Maiden – Stranger In A Strange Land Myrkur – Elleskudt King Diamond – Welcome Home Danzig – Her Black Wings Emperor – Thus Spake The Nightspirit Brutal Truth – Dementia Borknagar – To Mount and Rove His Hero Is Gone – Like Weeds Friendship – Blue Berry The Sword – How Heavy This

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The Metal Dad – 11/09/17

  Iron Maiden – Die With Your Boots On Paradise Lost – Blood And Chaos Dio – Straight Through The Heart Pilgrim – Astaroth Amon Amarth – The Pursuit of Vikings Marduk – The Hangman of Prague Enslaved – Isa All Pigs Must Die – Crulety Incarnate Mastodon – Blood And Thunder Pagan Altar –

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The Metal Dad – 10/26/17

  Our special Halloween episode featuring Lord Gates from Bury The Needle on WCNI 90.9 FM Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast Ramones – Pet Sematary The Misfits – Return Of The Fly Municipal Waste – The Thing Judas Priest – Screaming For Vengeance Venom – Raise The Dead Witchfinder General – Witchfinder

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The Metal Dad – 10/19/17

  Iron Maiden – Sanctuary Twisted Sister – Burn In Hell Deep Purple – No No No Neurosis – Eye Eyehategod – Dixie Whiskey Satyricon – Forhekset Neck Of The Woods – Bottom Feeder Godhunter – Like Glass Under Black Fingernails Bethlehem – Schatten aus der Alexander Welt Black Sabbath – Wicked World Chip McCabe

The Metal Dad – 10/05/17

  Iron Maiden – From Here To Eternity Iron Monkey – OmegaMangler Valkyrie – Mountain Stomp Secret Cutter – Mirror Mirror Kyuss – Green Machine Amorphis – Black Embrace Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade Demon Lung – Eyes Of Zamiel Atriarch – Repent Black Sabbath –

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The Metal Dad – 9/21/17

  Iron Maiden – Purgatory Satyricon – Deep calleth upon Deep Judas Priest – Living After Midnight Rainbow – Man On The Silver Mountain Exhumed – Defenders Of The Grave In Solitude – Serpents Are Rising The Misfits – I Turned Into A Martian The Misfits – Die, Die My Darling Black Mare – Coral

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The Metal Dad – 9/7/17

  Iron Maiden – Infinite Dreams Testament – Disciples Of The Watch High On Fire – Hung Drawn and Quartered Enslaved – Isa Logical Nonsense – What’s Left Opeth – Dirge For November Danzig – Tired Of Being Alive The Gates of Slumber – Ice Worm Exhorder – Exhorder Black Sabbath – Turn Up The

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The Metal Dad – 8/31/17

  Iron Maiden – Invaders Raven – Nobodys Hero Emperor – Inno A Satana Paradise Lost – Gothic The Obsessed – To Protect and To Serve Obituary – Slowly We Rot Candlemass – Crystal Ball Edge of Sanity – The Dead Life Of Agony – Through And Through Aborted – Maedical Deviance D.R.I. – Tear

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