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The Metal Dad – 01/16/20

https://cygnusradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/TheMetalDad_01_16_20.mp3 Iron Maiden – The Prisoner My Dying Bride – Your Broken Shore God Dethroned – Spirit of Beelzebub Godthrymm – The Sea As My Grave Motorhead – I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care) Unleashed – Into Glory Ride Pestilence – Twisted Truth Paradise Lost – Dead Emotion Asphyx – Diabolical Existence Cannibal Corpse

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The Metal Dad – 01/09/20

https://cygnusradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/TheMetalDad_01_09_20.mp3 Iron Maiden – Moonchild Curse the Son – Isolator Kings and Liars – Recently Departed Flapjack Attack – Mad Scientist Annihilator – Armed To The Teeth Sacrifice – Reanimation Exciter – Violence And Force In Solitude – Serpents are Rising Blood Ceremony – Night of the Augury Opeth – Slither Black Sabbath – Electric

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The Metal Dad – 12/05/19

https://cygnusradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/TheMetalDad_12_05_19.mp3 Iron Maiden – Run Silent Run Deep Megadeth – Tornado of Souls Slayer – War Ensemble Kreator – Coma of Souls Death – Living Monstrosity Entombed – When Life Has Ceased Cannibal Corpse – Born in a Casket Hellhammer – Revelations of Doom Bathory – Home of Once Brave Danzig – Tired of Being

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