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The Metal Dad – 3/9/17

  Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden Nightbitch – Chainmaker Amorphis – The Way Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla Nasum – Wrath Obituary – Turned To Stone Anathema – Nocturnal Emissions Akercocke – Leviathan Woe – Drown Us With Greatness Daylight Dies – Lies That Bind Insomnium – Down With The Sun Black Sabbath – Turn

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The Metal Dad – 3/2/17

  Iron Maiden – From Here To Eternity Tom and Jerry – Crambone Celtic Frost – Progeny In Solitude – Serpents Are Rising Acid Bath – Bleed Me An Ocean Immortal Bird – Neoplastic Neurosis – Given To The Rising Emperor – The Eruption Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie Black Sabbath – Neon Knights

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The Metal Dad

Thursdays 7:00pm et Fridays 2:00pm et w/ Chip McCabe Lover of Heavy Metal and his children (not necessarily in that order). Chip’s been a metalhead for almost 30 years, and a parent for over 15. He has stories to share about both and then some. One part parenting, one part music, welcome to The Metal

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