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the allison transmission 09.03.21

paired opposites make the world go ’round…heads/tails…happy/sad…war/peace…day/night… he/she… proton/electron..d.j/listener…you complete me. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Us and Them Pink Floyd And You And I Yes Straight Up and Down The Brian Jonestown Massacre Right and Wrong Joe Jackson Dead Alive The Shins Black and White The dB’s Round & Round Los Lobos One

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the loco archives 08.29.21

this sunday (08.29) at noonish on’s loco archives show, two great shows from the more than 34 year history of thelocalbandsshow as aired on wplr…original commercials, concert calendar and your hosts the one and only james velvet and rick allison part one aired august 26th 2012 you’ll hear: big fat combo…ken Atkins & the

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the allison transmission 08.27.21

my little zen a day calendar yesterday had this tasty tip from waldo: ‘be silly. be honest. be kind.’ now that’s transcendent. today ,the little vanity project includes (in no particular order)the usual unusual…blather…tasty live music opportuities…the wayback machine…stuff released on this day. the allison transmission-made fresh daily The Hissing Of The Summer Lawns

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