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The Backroom 4.23.24

Questions, Clues and Answers with a Passover twist. Crossword Competition based on It’s a Robbery by Alan DerKazarian. 1. Good Times > Ace, in Poker Slang 2. Porche model > Support staff 3. Made a Mark, say > Garden spot 4. Getting info > Earner of Merit Badges 5. Daisy, e.g. > British Amie? 1976

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The Backroom 4.09.24

A double-whammy go-go Jazz Meditation™ takes center stage. Groovy, man! Plus, some new funk/soul and a taxing set of tunes for the first tax day after the first solar eclipse after the first earthquake after the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Dennis Lamar