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Capital Radio 4-15: The Taxman Cometh

Tax Day brings The Beatles’ “Taxman,” of course, but also another dozen songs about taxation, ten more songs about paying the man; and 17 additional tracks about the root of all this consternation – money.  Technical problems in the show seemed to start happening when the most incendiary anti-tax songs were playing — “Me and

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Capital Radio, 4-8: Total Eclipse of the Show

It’s not often one can react in real time to an event being simultaneously celebrated nationwide. But our regularly scheduled Monday afternoon edition of Capital Radio coincided nicely with the first total solar eclipse across North America in some decades. Hence, a carefully planned playlist of eclipse-ready songs were interspersed with celestial updates, featuring tunes

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Capital Radio 12-18: Christmas Excess

The last show before Christmas warrants the annual avalanche of holiday songs, starting with the Bosstones, Aimee Mann and Nick Lowe, shifting to ’60s oddities from Bobby Goldsboro and Brian Hyland, and enduring rokcers from the Kinks and the Ramones. There was so much Yuletide, there wasn’t time for the usual birthday salutes, except for

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