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the Allison Transmission 03.20.23

visualize a waning winter…visualize springing forth…visualize cool people doing cool things again..outdoors…in public. today’s delusion becomes tomorrow’s dream becomes spring’s rebirth. coming soon to a life near yours. cool.the allison transmission-made fresh Winter In America Gil Scott Heron Sometimes In Winter Blood , Sweat & Tears Take This Winter Out Of My Mind Full Moon

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the Allison Transmission 03.16.23

hey man…that old dude is back in his usual spot…yammerin’ and ravin’ on about who knows what. c’mon, someone said he’s handing out free ear worms and don’t worry…they say he’s mostly harmless. c’mon.the allison transmission-made fresh They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! Napoleon XIV Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Brad Mehldau Rikki Don’t Lose

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