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the allison transmission 07.08.19

surly…uncommunicative…and slightly off, may not be the best me to bring to today’s show. yet, they’re all i have. there’s likely to be more music/ less talk. but that could be a good thing. now, get off my lawn.the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusradio.comOne Note Samba (LP Version) Herbie Mann, João Gilberto & Antônio Carlos JobimDesafinado

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the allison transmission 07.03.19

hot enough for you ? you gotta remember to stay hydrated ..plenty of soothing emollients (spf 45 or more) and don’t forget your ears. they need protection from the dog days, too. ear-conditioning in an otherwise arid radio climate. remember it’s not just the heat. it’s the 300 song playlist…consider your cooling station.the allison

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the allison transmission 07.01.19

had the stereotypical d j’s dream last night …an inability to find or get to the right record in time…leading to embarrassment and yet another termination. good times, good times.the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusradio.comLately , I Wake Up Dreaming The Mocking BirdsSweet Dreams Roy BuchananDreaming Kilgore TroutDreams (Live) Gregg Allmancygnus dreamsI’m Dreaming WildweedsWatching The River

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