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the allison transmission 09.09.19

the blinking cursor demands my attention..a few pithy phrases to entice you to listen. shit, if i knew what they were, i’d turn this into a money making project….ok, how’s about this…listen…please. too needy? sorrythe allison transmission-made fresh’ll Be) Peace In the Valley (For Me) Elvis PresleyPeace in the Valley John ScofieldNo Peace, No

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the allison transmission 09.05.19

the difference between the live shows on and most of the rest of what’s called ‘radio’ ,terrestrial and otherwise, is that an actual human is making musical selections in real time without the tyranny of algorithms . is that something you might be interested in?the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusradio.comA Slow Song Joe JacksonThe Songwriter

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the allison transmission 09.04.19

paired opposites make the world go ’round…day/night…he/she…proton/electron…d.j/listener…you complete me.the allison transmission-made fresh dailycygnusradio.comDancing On the Lip of a Volcano New York DollsMeet Me at the End of the World Again Jesse MalinEnd of the World with You CalexicoLast Night Of The World Bruce CockburnI Just Don’t Have The Time Randall BramblettWaiting For The End Of

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