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the allison transmission w/ trapper dave calabrese 11.11.21

before trapper gets here we’ve got a fun-sized version of the allison transmission. the wayback machine…stuff released on this day…the usual unusual babbling …all jammed into the trapper pre game hour. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Rich Man’s War Steve Earle Post-war Cinematic Dead Man Blues Chuck Prophet Operation Never Mind James McMurtry Off

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the allison transmission 11.09.21

Tolstoy said, ‘if you want to be happy, be.” with that in mind we’ll begin by stipulating ‘it’s alright’ then we’ll take our cue from the Dude to get ‘er done and simply abide…’Hope’s interesting, isn’t it? I can’t turn hope off, it’s hopeless.’ the allison transmission-made fresh daily It’s Alright The Impressions Alright

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