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Random Rock Records January 14, 2023

Quincy Jones, Candy Man David Blue, Come On John Hoover, Leave That For Memories Scott Seskind, This Is My Country Jimmy Curtiss, San Francisco Do You Remember Me? Maxfield Parrish, Bottle Of Reds William Truckaway, Jaded Lace Road, Friends The Travel Agency, Lonely Seabird Hunger, She Let Him Continue Primevil, Leaving’ Flied Egg, Rolling Down

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Random Rock Records January 7, 2023

The Ventures, Embers In E Minor Dion, Spoonful Bee Gees, Whisper Whisper The Association, Wantin’ And Gettin’ Country Joe & The Fish, Masked Marauder Eric Burdon & The Animals, White Houses Jefferson Airplane, My Best Friend Tommy James, Midnight Train Paul Parrish, Dialogue Of Wind And Lover Skip Bifferty, Come Around Trees, The Great Silkie

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