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Random Rock Records December 23, 2023

Les Baxter, BatumbaMichael Chapman, Small StonesBert Jansch, PromiselandDonovan, Clara CarivoyantTwo Friends, Must Be The WrathBeau Brummels, Nine Pound HammerKevin Lamb, All Changes NowShoot, Sepia SisterEric Relph, 40 MilesWhite Noise, FirebirdSabta Fe, I’m LeavingRobert Lester Fulsom, My Stove’s On FireCharlie Bleak, New York Summer (Take Care Of Your Business) Bang, Feels NiceBetty Davis, Git In ThereStray,

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Random Rock Records November 25, 2023

Johnny Pate, Shaft In AfricaCockney Rebel, Mirror FreakMerryweather & Carey, No WorriesFunk Factory, Rien Ne Va PlusBobby Hutcherson, N.S.U.All The People, Cramp Your StyleRockpile, Wrong Again (Let’s Face It)The Saints, No TimeThe Lovin’ Spoonful, Coconut GroveThe Association, RememberThe British North American Act, Baby Jane Days And NightsHim & The Others, She’s Got Eyes That Tell

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