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Random Rock Records April 20, 2024

Hugo Montenegro, Me And My ArrowCreedence Clearwater Revival, Walking On The WaterCaptec Project, Queen Of DarknessHard Stuff, Time Gambler (Rodney)Jody Grind, Bath SisterNeil Merryweather, John Richardson & Boers, Flat BlackDoreen Conroy, You Always Answer My CallingRobert Lester Fulsom, See You Later I’m GoneRon Davies, Good Ole SongThe Blue Velvet Band, HitchhikerAllan Hull Blue MurderMichael McGinnis,

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Random Rock Records April 13, 2024

Dee Felice Trio, There Was A TimeTraffic Sound, The Days Have GoneCurt Newbury, Christ How Easy It Could BeBill Jerpe, Thanks A Lot For Coming Into My LifeThe Moody Blues, Flying is The Best Way To TravelD.R.. Hooker, This ThingThe Byrds, I Knew I’d Want YouYoung And Restless, Bounty HunterVince Martin, Catch Me I’m FallingDane

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