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the allison transmission 02.19.18

the concept of what’s ‘presidential’ has taken an interesting turn lately…we ruminate. the copernican theory is just a theory…right? without smokey robinson motown is no-town…are you feelin’ me. subconcious plagiarism is a thing…discuss these are just a few of the items open for musical discussion today. the allison transmission-made fresh daily   A Few

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the loco archives 02.18.18

this sunday (02.18) at noonish on’s loco archives show, two great shows from the near 30 year history of thelocalbandsshow as aired on wplr…original commercials, concert calendar and your hosts the one and only james velvet and rick allison part one aired February 18th 2001 .you’ll hear: holy smoke..psychedelic breakfast…eclectic nobody…sanity assassins…burnt karma…tenfold and

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the allison transmission 02.16.18

new music & old music-check wayback directed rumminations-check occasional year’s greetings-check gigs aplenty-check…jan hammer-czech check it out. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Girlfriend Matthew Sweet Girlfriend Anderson East I Want Your Girlfriend Mr.Right Rocket Man Pearls Before Swine Another Time Pearls Before Swine Country and Eastern Music Jan Hammer Heavy Days Mambo Sons

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