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the allison transmission 11.13.17

huzzah…retract earflaps…deploy q-tips…prepare for a moment or two of aural excitement…fear not the departure from the norm…that’s where the special treats are hidden. noonish brings thelocalbandsshow, as well. the allison transmission-made fresh daily   Spent the Day in Bed Morrissey School Supertramp My Old School Steely Dan School Boy Crush Average White Band Birth,

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the allison transmission 11.09.17

oh no ..boilerplate…general words of invitation…limited detail…vague promises… he clearly has no plan for todays little vanity project. why, then , should we listen. well..that’s why. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Y Sharp Osibisa Freeway Jam Jeff Beck Funkin’ A Strawberry Cheesesteak Highway Tune Greta Van Fleet Don’t Talk Crazy Mark Mulcahy B The

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