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the allison transmission 09.21.17

old school, freeform radio. always on. everywhere. the allison transmission-made fresh daily   New Year’s Prayer -Jeff Buckley Summer Seems So Low- Ebin-Rose Trio The Hissing Of The Summer Lawns -Joni Mitchell Summer’s Almost Over- Loudon Wainwright lll Summer’s Almost Over -Cheryl Wheeler The End of the Summer- Dar Williams Summer Touch -The Lonesome

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the allison transmission 09.15.17

fall festivals…farm stands…concert halls (large and small) bookstores…video stores …churches and other cultural centers town parks…beer joints…wine shops… there’s live music everywhere this weekend. pick a show and go. we’ll have suggestions. also the wayback machine chimes in and there’ll be some time left over for the random act of music. the allison transmission-made fresh

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the allison transmission 09.08.17

you can’t swing a drunken drummer * around without hitting live music events this weekend. new haven, east haven and north..middletown…new london…jeepers…the transmission isn’t big enough to cover all the musical possibilities. the wayback machine is contractually obligated to elbow its way into the show, too. so… the allison transmission-made fresh daily * no

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