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the allison transmission 07.24.17

celebrations for a grey day… the allison transmission -made fresh daily   500 Miles High -Chick Corea & Return to Forever Simplesmente (Tom Middleton Balearic Mix) -Bebel Gilberto Let The Chalice Blaze- Thievery Corporation Grey- Ken Nordine Among the Gorse, Among the Grey -Richard Thompson Celebrations for a Grey Day -Mimi and Richard Farina

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the allison transmission 07.13.17

Sturm und drang…ick und poo…rock und roll…dramedy und fact™…the merry pageant of life itself. free. the allison transmission-made fresh daily That’s What Makes Us Great -Joe Grushecky w/ Bruce Springsteen Life -Sly & The Family Stone Step Right Up -Tom Waits Beautiful Thing- The Stone Roses Weapons of Distraction (feat. Notch)- Thievery Corporation Kindness

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the allison transmission 07.12.17

inspiration is over-rated. sometimes you just have to get the ball rolling with no motivation other than habit…and hope it ends up being , at least, entertaining to oneself. the allison transmission-made fresh daily (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired -Traffic Strawberry Letter 23 -Shuggie Otis High- Sir Sly Waiting For The Man -Garland Jeffreys

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