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This Year’s Model 1953 – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (& Loud, Loud Music) After a week’s delay for computer issues, 1953 did not disappoint. There were a ton of great tunes from relatively obscure stuff to all time classics like “Sh-Boom,” “Mess Around” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” Once again, we have a ton of bonus material in the archive that didn’t make the proper set. A sign

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This Year’s Model 1952 – Rock The Joint 1952 is a coiling snake, stretching out to infinity. It’s not just a year. It’s endless. ***** See, what happened was that I tried a different method for pulling tracks, and ended up with several hours too much music. Unlike my normal method, I was then in a position of trying to cut perfectly

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This Year’s Model 1951 – Step It Up and Go 1951 is the beginning of having way too much music I want to play, so for the archive this week I’ve extended the set by an additional 16 songs. So much great stuff that just didn’t fit due to time, so check it out at the link above! Full track listing including the bonus stuff is

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This Year’s Model 1950 – Music! Music! Music! Technical woes kept me from making my official Cygnus debut last night, but I expect we’ll get those resolved in time for 1951 next week! The good news is that you can still listen to the set via the link above! I started with a half dozen songs from 1949, partially to set the stage,

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The Local Bands Show

The Local Bands Show (CT) Mondays: Noon-ish Hosted by: Rick Allison & Frank Critelli For over 30 years, The Local Bands Show has been a weekly half hour of some of the best bands from the Connecticut area. Tune in to this exclusive rebroadcast every Monday about noon-ish to hear what’s happening (or what’s happened)

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This Year's Model, Wednesdays with Maht on Cygnus Radio

This Year’s Model

Wed. 9:00 – 11:00 pm ET Chicago, IL DJ: Maht Each week, Maht delves into the music of a single year from 1950-2000. A mix of hits, rarities and damn fine music from wherever we happen to be in time this week. Except for 1971. 1971 is the worst. Contact DJ: Maht

The Backroom

The Backroom Tues. 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET Hosted by: Dennis Lamar Funk, Soul, and R&B brought to you each week from our man “On The DL” Dennis Lamar. On the ONE, Huh! Contact: Dennis Lamar

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Here’s just a few reasons why becoming a Cygnus Radio Sponsor makes sense: Cygnus Radio has thousands of listeners per day. Most of our listeners are internet savvy, and listen to us on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Our listeners are very loyal to Cygnus Radio, and tend to refer us to their friends. Our

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Homegrown: The Connecticut Connected Music Show

Homegrown Fri: 7 to 8 pm et Hosted by Rob DeRosa, Homegrown offers the best crop of Connecticut-connected music for a global audience. Re-broadcast: Originally airs Thursdays at 5:05 pm ET on WESU FM Contact Rob