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MPH noise Skull

MPH VOL. 24: My Pain Hurts – the second dose soundtrack episode, 5.21.2021

#MyPainHurts is volume 24 of MPH: Music Philanthropy and History in the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal Punk and Hardcore on Cygnus Radio.  Experience the soundtrack to my second dose as we manipulate people’s heads this Friday 21 May beginning 22:00 USEDT (10pm nyc), from the Isle of Misfit toys, with the doormouse, dmf. Tune into #MyPainHurts tonight as we explore the sonic

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The Metal Dad – 05/06/21

https://cygnusradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/TheMetalDad_05_06_21.mp3 Iron Maiden – From Here to Eternity At The Gates – Spectre Of Extinction Wormlight – Voidspawn Moon Coven – Further Witchtrap – Evil Strikes Again Black Communion – Gateway To The Nebular Crypt Casket Grinder – The Portal Testament – Disciples of the Watch Naglfar – Blades Neurosis – The Doorway Black Sabbath

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