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Franorama 2.0 9/22/22

Technically, my first show of the Fall was my last show of the Summer, but who’s counting?

Franorama 2.0 9/15/22

Ramsey Lewis stuck an indelible groove in the place between straight-ahead jazz and pop and rock.

Franorama 2.0 9/8/22

Be the first on your block to hear the new Godfathers album, out Friday. Then buy it.

Franorama 2.0 9/1/22

Back to school! Music class is in session!

Franorama 2.0 8/25/22

Wir fahr’n, fahr’n, fahr’n auf der Autobahn … Part 3 is a mixdisc in its entirety for driving fast and playing loud on a dark night.

Franorama 2.0 8/11/22

Lamont Dozier composed most of the Motown jukebox of our lives and then some.

Franorama 2.0 8/4/22

Having a car that actually runs is a wonderful thing. Especially in the summer, with the moonroof and windows open and the stereo blasting.

Franorama 2.0

Franorama 2.0 Thurs: 1 to 4 pm et Fran Fried is a changeling, to put it simply. (You don’t know the half of it, girlfriend!) You never know what she’s gonna do — even she doesn’t know what she’s gonna do next. But her M.O. in life has been “Throw everything against the wall and

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