Franorama 2.0 10/19/17 (aka My Jeopardy! Odyssey)

PART 1: American Beat ’84 – The Fleshtones; American Girl – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Take It to the People – The Woggles; King Midas – Stupidity; Crying’s Just a Thing That You Do – JD McPherson; Lucky Penny – JD McPherson; No Place to Go – Mr. Airplane; If You Have Ghosts – Roky Erickson; Creature With the Atom Brain – Roky Erickson; Ghoul’s Night Out – The Misfits; Halloween – The Misfits; Halloween – Dead Kennedys; I Lost on Jeopardy – “Weird Al” Yankovic; My Jeopardy! Odyssey (Part 1)

PART 2: My Jeopardy! Odyssey (Part 2)

PART 3: My Jeopardy! Odyssey (Part 3); Since I Don’t Have You – The Skyliners; This I Swear – The Skyliners; I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie