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Franorama 2.0 1/13/22

Music to warm up the coldest mid-January.

Franorama 2.0 1/6/22

Greeting 2022 with a frog in my throat and an ominous, infamous anniversary.

Franorama 2.0 12/30/21

2021: It didn’t suck as badly as 2020, but it was the weirdest. Thankfully, there was plenty of good music.

Franorama 2.0 12/23/21

One last chance for Christmas revelry before the big day.

Franorama 2.0 12/16/21

How about some more Christmas cheer?

Franorama 2.0 12/9/21

The Franorama 2.0 rock’n’roll Christmas continues …

Franorama 2.0 12/2/21

Time for Christmas tunes. But first, some new toys and a little Hanukkah.

Franorama 2.0

Franorama 2.0 Thurs: 1 to 4 pm et Fran Fried is a changeling, to put it simply. (You don’t know the half of it, girlfriend!) You never know what she’s gonna do — even she doesn’t know what she’s gonna do next. But her M.O. in life has been “Throw everything against the wall and

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