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Franorama 2.0 10/22/20

The unveiling of The Fleshtones’ “Face of the Screaming Werewolf,” Becky Warren’s “The Sick Season” and other newbiews. Also, a lot of milestones.

Franorama 2.0 9/17/20

Saying farewell to a weird summer than never really got started.

Franorama 2.0 9/3/20

Heavy milestones this week, between Chadwick Boseman and Tom Seaver. Also, the unofficial end of summer. But a lot of new sounds to run by you, too.

Franorama 2.0

Franorama 2.0 Thurs: 1 to 4 pm et Fran Fried is a changeling, to put it simply. (You don’t know the half of it, girlfriend!) You never know what she’s gonna do — even she doesn’t know what she’s gonna do next. But her M.O. in life has been “Throw everything against the wall and

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