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The Sunday Buzz

A series of rock 'n roll matinee shows at Cafe` 9
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Interview with Henry Rollins

  On July 23, Frank Critelli of conducted a 42-minute telephone interview with Henry Rollins (2.13.61). The conversation was recorded on location at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio, engineered by Michael Arafeh. The Mark Twain House hosted Henry Rollins in a spoken word performance on September 15. Visit for more information.

Newport Dump

I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to blog, so this is mostly up to you.  I’ve been to four consecutive Newport Folk Festivals, and they’ve all been worthwhile experiences. Here’s my quick, down ‘n dirty thoughts on this year’s festival. Day One: Joe Pug would “trade the harvest for the seed.” Thats’s some deep

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Newport Folk Festival Preview Show The Newport Folk Festival is among the greatest music festivals in the world. Our own Frank Critelli previews some of the lesser-known acts at the 2015 Newport Folk Festival taking place Fri-Sun July 24-25-26, 2015 at Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI. Go to NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL for all the information

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THE 2015 CTMA’S RECAP SHOW – 7/16/15

The 2015 Connecticut Music Awards Recap Show Remember that great time we had at the Connecticut Music Awards last month? Well, Cygnus Radio’s own Frank Critelli & G.Gone sat down and recapped it for us. Listen to it now. Playlist Amalfi Redux – Sarah LeMieux Mothers’ Song – Violent Mae Drive You Out Of My

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Open Mic Adventure

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few open mic nights recently. I love open mics.  In my younger days, I performed five nights a week at various open mics around Cambridge and Boston. They’re perfect places to cut your teeth, gain experience and confidence, and practice in public. For more seasoned performers, open mic

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the james velvet memorial local bands show

Farewell James thanks to: aj gundell, tom smith, jon peckman, lys guillorn, ponybird, g gone, robbie derosa, jim chapdelaine, hank hoffman, sal paradise, lappy, wiggy, pam landry, joe gerhard, calvin decutlass, ben parent, jack vees, christopher bousquet, scott mcdonald, christine ohlmann, julie and pete of the sawtelles, johnny java murphy and frank critelli.

Stop By and See Us Some Time

Stop By and See Us Some Time an interview with James Velvet by Frank Critelli    Hamden, CT 07.19.05 Frank: A lot of people around here would consider you to be a prolific songwriter.  Talk us through the James Velvet songwriting process. James: I am prolific, I guess…relatively speaking, but it takes me a long time

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Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

I have a confession. Actually, fuck that. I have a declaration: I listen to the Outlaw Country station on SiriusXM Radio whenever I’m driving Lu’s car. And, I love it. They play everything from Hank Williams to Sarah Gayle Meech (look her up, and the next time we’re in the same bar, remind me to

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This Year’s Model 1956 – Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo here, and for the rest of the 50s, there are plenty of all-time classics each week. This year, we had “I Walk the Line,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Twenty Flight Rock,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Let The Good Times Roll” to name a few, and that’s ignoring the debut of Buddy Holly, a version of “Fever”

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