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Franorama 2.0 11/11/21

Technical difficulties beyond our control. And oh yeah, there was a show.

The Metal Dad – 11/11/21 Iron Maiden – Running Free Genocide Pact – Perverse Dominion Unanimated – As the Night Takes Us Ghost Bath – A Crystal Lattice Dread Sovereign – Devil’s Bane Incessant – Serpent’s Voice Primordial – Gallows Hymn Rotting Christ – The Coronation of the Serpent Terrorizer – After World Obliteration At The Gates – Blinded

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Wrong Side of the Tracks – 11/09/21 Grace Potter and The Nocturnals – Dear Prudence Cedric Burnside – Step In Joanne Shaw Taylor – Stop Messin’ Round Buffalo Nichols – Sick Bed Blues Charlie Parr – Anaconda The String Breakers – Attention Whore The Landovers – I Can’t Complain The Felice Brothers – Jazz on the Autobahn Me and That Man

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The Metal Dad – 11/04/21 Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do A Secret Revealed – Monument of Guilt Contrition – For Misery Cogas – Mistress Of The Damned Nevermore – The Heart Collector Silence of the Abyss – My Fair Fury Stoned God – Alive Carcass – Exhume to Consume Amorphis – Black Embrace Sleep – The

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Franorama 2.0 11/4/21

In my perfect world, all the songs I play would be hit by hit.

Wrong Side of the Tracks – 11/02/21 International Submarine Band – Luxury Liner The Byrds – One Hundred Years From Now The Byrds – Hickory Wind The Flying Burrito Brothers – Lazy Days The Flying Burrito Brothers – Christine’s Tune Gram Parsons – In My Hour Of Darkness Kasey Chambers – Still Feeling Blue Whiskeytown – A Song For You The

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Talkin’ About My Generation

Mondays 8:00 pm etHost: David C. Gross I am a professional bassist who has played with everyone from Humble Pie to Stephen Stills. The show will be an eclectic mix of 60’s and 70’s music. As well as interview numerous musicians and producers of that era. Contact David: G. Gone