Random Rock Records April 20, 2024

Hugo Montenegro, Me And My Arrow
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Walking On The Water
Captec Project, Queen Of Darkness
Hard Stuff, Time Gambler (Rodney)
Jody Grind, Bath Sister
Neil Merryweather, John Richardson & Boers, Flat Black
Doreen Conroy, You Always Answer My Calling
Robert Lester Fulsom, See You Later I’m Gone
Ron Davies, Good Ole Song
The Blue Velvet Band, Hitchhiker
Allan Hull Blue Murder
Michael McGinnis, You Don’t Have To Tell Me
Bob Ray, Woman Of the Highlands

Faine Jade, Just Can’t Let You Go
The Ugly Ducklings, Nuthin’
The Smubbs, My Favorite Drinking Cup
Lyn Collins, Think (About It)
Donovan, I Like You
Hackamore Brick, Oh! Those Bananas
Kinks, Too Much On My Mind
Hot Boies, She’s Not All There
Nick Drake, Road
Eggs Over Easy, Waiting For My Ship
Frankie Miller, Mail Box
Chris Darrow, Shawnee Moon
Brinkley Schwarz, Country Girl
Monte Dunn & Karen Cruz, Self Satisfaction
Flo & Eddie, Burn The House
Sandra Posey, I’m Your Puppet
Arthur Lyman, Similau

Thanks for listening!