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the Allison Transmission 06.08.23

Alert ! it’s the last transmission of a short week. and for reasons of convenience the whole kit and kaboodle starts an hour early today. reale-ity radio progressive friday , for all who celebrate , will be today now, do I expect you to adjust your day to facilitate my needs ? well, no. you’ll

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Wrong Side of the Tracks – 06/06/23 Howlin’ Wolf – Killing FloorJames Cotton – Moanin’ at MidnightThe Animals – Smoke Stack LightningClimax Chicago Blues Band – How Many More YearsSmokey Wilson – Howlin’ For My Darlin’Chris Isaak – Everybody’s In The MoodLucinda Williams – I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)Luther Guitar Junior Johnson – I’m Leaving YouHowlin’ Wolf –

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the Allison Transmission w/Frank Critelli 06.07.23

the sonic spectacle is matched only by the total lack of preparation (unless you consider a life in radio as preparation) frank is here…a whizbang wayback and other amusements will follow and tacked on at noonish a chat with aim d’amaro about localpalooza. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix) Peter

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The Backroom 6.06.23

Too Much Barbecue? Or Barbeque? or BBQ? Nah, not this time of year. Maybe it’s just a cookout or a get together with friends on a deck with a grill. Grab a drink and dig in.

the Allison Transmission 06.06.23

Epictetus said “Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.” OK …Here’s a freeform radio style vanity stream that should sum me up. today…right now…in this moment. it comes with a hear-by date if you’re listening in the archives and will be a little less timely as time passes. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Doreen Frank

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Capital Radio 6-5-23: Saluting Cynthia Weil

The bulk of the show is given over to Cynthia Weil, who died Thursday at 82. With her husband Barry Mann, the Brill Building songsmiths gave us “On Broadway” and “Uptown,” “Kicks” to “Gotta Get Out of This Place” — a song Springsteen once said encapsulated all he ever tried to do with his own

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