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“Read All About It!”

A Heartfelt thanks to Alan Bisbort, Hartford Courant, and for a wonderful article on Read the Entire Article on-line HERE.  And a cool video HERE.  

Ticket Giveaways is constantly getting tickets to giveaway, from promoters, venues, and even artists. Whenever we are giving tickets away, we will post them on our TICKET GIVEAWAYS page. Bookmark that page/link, and stop by often. You never know what great area shows we’ll be giving away tickets for next…

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the allison transmission 02.22.17

the show starts around   00:01:08 so far no musical passings to note (not that i’m encouraging them) . it just means i have to figure out how to start without the assistance of the ghastly PD. i’ll figure something out. live from the QIB* crows nest studio the allison transmission…made fresh daily (*

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The Backroom 2.21.17

Peruse the musical menu in The Backroom, featuring funky hot grits, Memphis soul stew, southern fried chicken and cabbage (but she calls them turnip greens).  Just don’t take a picture of your food, or you’ll have to answer to Leo Pik.  A peek inside the cash draw and tributes to Junie Morrison and Clyde Stubblefield.

the loco archives 02.19.17

noonish on sunday on … another trip back into the near 30 year archives of thelocalbandsshow. as originally aired on wplr february 20th in the year 2000…original commercials, concert calendar and hosts intact. part one of this week’s episode includes: big fat combo…blanc faces…doug allen…the providers…the limit…holy smoke…and water bacon the second episode of our our

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the allison transmission 02.21.17

on a program that famously eschews direction, it’s getting tedious that the icy hand of death gets to be music director…but , what ya gonna do…we say goodbye to a genius guitar player to start the show. the wayback machine and other wonderful noises will also be featured. and frank is here. can i get

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the allison transmission 02.20.17

days like these…ya got to give the drummer some…we lost two good ‘uns over the weekend…so that’s where we start…on the one! also the usual unusual…the wayback machine…and we celebrate a president who it was said , could not to tell a lie. and another who suggested all men were created equal…how quaint. the allison

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Days Like These- 2-13-17

Hey everybody! I played some new stuff today. Enjoy! 🙂 If you like the show, then please follow my Instagram and Twitter for show news and updates. If you’re an upcoming band/artist, then please email me your music at I would love to hear your work and possibly play it on my show! Until

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Ronald Webb & Patrick Price, discuss the February 2017 Issue of Goldmine Magazine. They spin a few cool songs as well… Blister On The Moon – Taste A Legal Matter – The Who Gypsy – Uriah Heep Master Of My Fate – The American Breed Power Of My Love – Elvis Presley Night Flight –

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The Metal Dad – 2/16/17

  Iron Maiden – Stranger in a Strange Land Clutch – The Elephant Riders King Diamond – Abigail ASG – Blood Drive Unearthly Trance – Dream State Arsenal Exciter – Pounding Metal Cryptic Slaughter – Rest In Pain All Them Witches – 3-5-7 Trouble – On Borrowed Time Immolation – Dawn of Possession Black Sabbath

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Tones of Texas Episode #7 2/17/17 Episode #7 Ooni For the Press Twang Twang Shock A Boom Fighting Back My Jerusalem Dominoes Cotton Mather Close to the Sun Darkbird All There Is Nicholas Azlon Relax Kid Grupo Massa Xote Massa Kodachrome Beauty from Destruction God Drives A Galaxy The Original The Dizzease Sticky Hand Bethany Becker Walls Jesse Woods Gold

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