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The Sunday Buzz

A series of rock 'n roll matinee shows at Cafe` 9
3-6pm every Sunday.

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WIN a pair of Single Day Tickets! is giving away several pairs of tickets, courtesy of the PODUNK BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL. Fill out the form below before 11:00pm et Thurs. 8/4/16. The Winners will announced on The Allison Transmission Fri. 8/5/16. PODUNK BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL 20th Anniversary August 11-14 2010 IBMA “Bluegrass Event of the Year” Del

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Ticket Giveaways is constantly getting tickets to giveaway, from promoters, venues, and even artists. Whenever we are giving tickets away, we will post them on our TICKET GIVEAWAYS page. Bookmark that page/link, and stop by often. You never know what great area shows we’ll be giving away tickets for next…

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Indie Go Round Episode #78 7/22/16 Episode #78 The Police No Time This Time The Police On Any Other Day Stewart Copeland Look Up Superchunk Precision Auto The Mountain Goats The Legend of Chavo Guerrero Bob Mould Patch the Sky Scharpling & Wurster More, More, More Flaming Lips This Here Giraffe Flaming Lips Kim’s Watermelon Gun Steven Drozd Born Dr.

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the allison transmission 07.27.16

focus , allison, focus. let’s try to make this appealing . i know your listeners are just a small subset of humanity. just happens their ears and imaginations are wide open for surprise and fun. what are you gonna play for them today? aw, nuts…just flip that little chromium switch and see what happens. the

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The Backroom 7.26.16

The Backroom heads to the coolness of the retro bunker for the last show of the summer.  Brand new music from Brotha’ Groove out of Redmond, Washington.  Then a bunch of classics, from TOP to Cold Blood.  The ladies take over for a drink special mixing new and old soul.  Lots more, of course.  Check

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the allison transmission 07.26.16

oooh tuesday…frank critelli co hosts with tales of newport…i’m on a zappa jag on account of seeing “eat that question’ and the wayback machine corrects my boner (heh, heh,…he said boner) of yesterday in the proper celebration of sir mick’s birthday and sundry other oddments…a show you miss at your own peril. i swear your

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the allison transmission 07.25.16

starting blue…not sad blue…or roquefort bleu..more cerulean, persian, denim or sapphire blue. why? gotta start somewhere. the allison transmission Blue -Joni Mitchell Blue -The Jayhawks Catch The Blues- Eric Clapton Beautiful Blue- Mudcrutch Almost Blue -Elvis Costello & The Attractions Welcome To The Club- Joe Walsh Walk Away -Joe Walsh Mother Says -Joe Walsh

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Studio Take-Over: The Sawtelles

The Sawtelles have been a favorite in Connecticut for a long time now. This summer, they’ll host two great shows at The Never Ending Bookstore. To celebrate these summer shows, they took over the airwaves at – and you can listen right now! (click above). The Sawtelles Summer Performances at The Never Ending Bookstore:

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rich's mixed tape

Rich’s Mixed Tape

Friday’s 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET Before there was Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Rhapsody we would grab a bunch of records, pop a cassette in the cassette machine, press play and record and make our own mixed tapes of our favorite songs.  On Rich’s Mixed Tape, your host Rich Piacentini recreates those days to

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Cirith Ungol

The Metal Dad – 7/21/16

  Iron Maiden – Killers Leaf Hound – Drowned My Life In Fear Cirith Ungol – Cirith Ungol Deceased – The Hanging Soldier Ghoul – Bringer of War Satan’s Wrath – Death Possessed Immortal – One By One My Dying Bride – Your Shameful Heaven Disembowelment – Excoriate Black Sabbath – Hand of Doom


the allison transmission

a weekend to preview…a wayback for review.. birthdays to give a nod to. and mushrooms for your ears. the allison transmission American Tune -Allen Toussaint You Can’t Always Get What You Want- The Rolling Stones Fergus Laing -Richard Thompson America Now -Bell System Nixon’s Nose- The Mold Monkies Dandy -Ian Hunter wayback 07.22 April

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