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60 Years On… 06-01-23 hr.2

“60 Years On…” 06-01-23 playlist Hr.2*IMC ‘Zine #03 – Nov. ’98: The Need – “Wish” 25 years ago on Sept. 1, 1998 I founded IndepenDisc Music Club.To Celebrate we will revisit all the IndepenDisc Monthly Feature CDs/Artists from 1998 – 2013. Tom Lehrer – She’s My Girl*The Need – All You Gotta Do*The Need –

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the Allison Transmission 06.02.23

I’ve heard it said ‘there’s no perfection in art, only degrees of graceful failure’ so do. even if what you have in the end is ‘do do’ look, all that pressure is removed. one song leads to another, one step is followed by another, one moment …then another phew the allison transmission-made fresh daily

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The Metal Dad – 06/01/23 Iron Maiden – Out of the Silent PlanetHorrendous – Ontological MysteriumVomitory – Piece By Stinking PieceCloak – Seven ThundersAltarage – ManeuvreAeviterne – ObeyanceMaldrom – In the DarkwoodCeltic Frost – Babylon FellSodom – Baptism of FireRipping Corpse – Feeling Pleasure Through PainBlack Sabbath – Snowblind

Wrong Side of the Tracks – 05/30/23 Ike & Tina Turner – River Deep, Mountain HighMemphis Minnie – When the Levee BreaksBig Mama Thornton – Bumble BeeBig Walter Horton – Everybody’s Fishin’Jimmy Rogers – Left Me With A Broken HeartLucinda Williams – Me and My ChauffeurJason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Cast Iron SkilletKassi Valazza – RaptureWhitney Rose – Minding

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the Allison Transmission 06.01.23

what we have here is a daily audio autobiography written with other peoples music but arranged in a fashion that seems to tell my story at this moment in time. the question is, as with any autobiography , is it worth the time it takes to grok it? reale-ity radio and the wayback contributeso, it’s

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On The Fly

Everybody’s Everything, SantannaSaturday Night Fish Fry, Buddy GuyC’mon’ If You’re Comin’, NRBQLinda Lou, Ray SharpTill The Money Runs Out, Tom WaitsBye Bye Love, CarsAnyway Bye Bye, PocoLinda Lu, TractorsRiedsville Girl, Phil KellyHere Comes My Baby, TremelosJersey Girl, Tom WaitsSmiling Girl, Striking CopperJust Like That, Bonnie Raitt

the Allison Transmission w/Frank Critelli 05.31.23

to misquote Steinbeck “DJs are a little below clowns and a little above trained seals.“ listen as we spin the balls and honk the horns …summer inflected air-headedness. maestro , drumroll please…frank’s here  the Allison transmission-made fresh daily Shady Grove Quicksilver Messenger Service Save the World Jason Isbell Love Make You Do Stupid Things

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The Backroom 5.30.23

A tribute to Tina Turner, with oldies, rarities, covers, duets, and the “new stuff.”

Eddie Wazoo – Live From The Underground Basement May 30, 2023

THINGS GET LOST IN TRANSLATION. Words alone can be imperfect that way. But add some music and oh, the places you’ll go! What? Sorry. You know, words. So, just effing listen, ok? It’s Eddie Wazoo, Live From The Underground Basement, every Tuesday at 3:00 Eastern right after Dennis Lamar in The Back Room, or anytime

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