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On The Fly

What’s cookin?!! Good tunes fer sure! Makes it’s own sauce 😉 <-> Walk Away Rene’, Left Bank <-> More Than A Feeling, Boston <-> Tiny Dancer, Elton John <-> Pretty Ballerina, Left Bank <-> Stay, Maurice Williams <-> Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Clash <-> Overflow, Striking Copper <-> Down By The River,

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the Allison Transmission w/frank critelli 01.12.22

damn this virus, damn rational thought, damn social distance…fie on ye…you will not stop the wednesday madness…frank’s visit may be virtual but nonetheless, fun will ensue. no need to disinfect your digital device. we’ve taken precautions. hello! the allison transmission-made fresh daily Wednesday Week Elvis Costello Hello There Cheap Trick Hi Hello Johnny Marr

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The Backroom 1.11.22

Disinformation? Just the facts, ma’am. Or, should I say … just the funk, and the funkey/fonkey monkey. It’ll warm whatever’s cold.

the Allison Transmission 01.11.22

there’s more than the usual inertia at play today. ( hey, no one is interested in the inner struggles of a DJ…. get over yourself !) right…right, you are . let’s just pick a tune and go. Any nonsense will work. it’s worked before, no reason to think it won’t again. go! the allison transmission-made

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Capital Radio, 1-10-22

The weekend’s broadcast of the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame Awards honoring Wilco, Lucinda Williams and Alejandro Escovedo inspired some of today’s show. Also, recent birthdays of Elvis Presley and David Bowie, and today’s grim anniversary of the latter’s death (but with a new release!). Racial fallout from a Saturday night incident at the

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the Allison Transmission 01.10.22

it’s time for me to be who you think I am and spin the tunes that you think I think you’d dig ; when , in fact, I’m just being who I think I am ,playing tunes I like. if ,on our shared venn diagram ,I happen to play what you want to hear, please

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the loco archives 01.09.22

today at noonish on’s loco archives show, two great shows from the more than 34 year history of thelocalbandsshow as aired on wplr…original commercials, concert calendar and your hosts the one and only james velvet and rick allison part one aired January 9th 2005 you’ll hear: fear the state…bell more…sawtelles…hotel…groovski…the cavemen go…and Saturn 5

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Risleydale’s Roots, Rock, Radio January 9, 2022

King Tubby, Iyahta Kiddus I, Crying Wolf Kiddus I Crying Wolf Version Barry Brown, Dread Taking Over Don Carlos, Hog And Goat Don Carlos, Fight Fight Little John, False News Lacksely Castell, Government Man Jimmy Riley Majority Rule Version Israel Vibration, Why You So Craven? Yellowman, Natty Sat Up On A Rock Copie Copewell, Piece

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