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Franorama 2.0 6/13/24

A superfan of music deserved a super musical sendoff. Fare thee well, Scott Cornish.

On The Fly 5.12.24

A new one form an old friend with a familiar message in the first set and we go from there 😉 Cleo’s Mood, Jr Walker and the all StarsLet’s Stay Together, Al GreenA Love Revolution, BCStanding By A River, Climax Blues BandPut A Little Love In Your Heart, Jackie DeShannonCinnamon Girl, Neil YoungGirl, BeatlesLittle Girl,

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The Backroom 6.11.24

It’s here. Summer. Meatier Illogical™ Summer, that is. A few seasonal tunes to kick things off, then a tribute to dad for Father’s Day.

the Allison transmission 06.10.24

monday ! …and the last transmission of the week. wait…what? is it your brain again? or your heart? yes…and no. no new issuses . but a shaman from the rustbelt is bringing a special course of treatments to address them both. the crows nest is closed , man so, enjoy this episode extra hard. the

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