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The Backroom 8.15.17

The Ides of August. Is that a thing? Better than the Guns of August. But, it’s only half-over. Let’ go funk diving and see what else we find. Spoiler alert, the playlist: Here Come the Girls — Stanton Moore (f. Cyril Neville & Trombone Shorty) Big Easy — Analog Son Tryna’ Make it Funky —

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The Metal Dad – 8/10/17

  Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant Cirith Ungol – Cirith Ungol 3 Inches of Blood – Destroy The Orcs Running Wild – Mordor Summoning – Through the Forest of Dol Guldur Blind Guardian – By the Gates of Moria Pilgrim – Adventuer Morgoth – Pits Of Utumno Gorgoroth – A World To Win Ephel Duath

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The Backroom 8.08.17

It’s time to get down, bump out, and stretch out with funk & soul in The Backroom. Here’s what’s what: Get Down on the Funk — Nils Landgren Funk Unit with Ray Parker Jr. Funk — T.M. Stevens Skippybal — de Fonk Funk — Cheap Fakes Better Things — Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Livin’

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The Metal Dad – 8/3/17

  Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness Ruby the Hatchet – Killer Dio – Shame On The Night Onslaught – Onslaught (Power From Hell) Demon Eye – The Waters And The Wild Agents of Oblivion – Dead Girl Judas Priest – Rapid Fire The Shape – The Devil In Your Eyes Celtic Frost

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Wingnut’s Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop 07.22.17 Hour 1

I Hear You Knocking / Dave Edmunds A.C.D.C. / The Parade Rock The Boat / The Hues Corporation This Time / INXS Hollywood Blvd. / Neil Merryweather Mind Bender / Stillwater Rendezvous / The Hudson Brothers I’ll Be Around / The Spinners Wait Till Tomorrow / The Banana Splits Yeh Yeh / Georgie Fame Promises,

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The Metal Dad – 7/27/17

  Iron Maiden –  Gangland Rainbow – Man On The Silver Mountain Testament – Face In The Sky Satan – Trial By Fire King Diamond – The Jonah Destruction – Upcoming Devastation Integrity – Sarin Nifelheim – Black Curse Pestilence – Commandments Lament Cityscape – Turn Inward Black Sabbath – Under The Sun Chip McCabe

The Metal Dad – 7/20/17

  Iron Maiden – Twilight Zone Mortician – Zombie Apocalypse Death – Zombie Ritual Tankard – Zombie Attack The Misfits – Night of the Living Dead Paradise Lost – The Longest Winter Goatwhore – Mankind Will Have No Mercy Bison – Drunkard Integrity – Fallen To Destroy / Blood Sermon One Master – Will Of

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Wingnut’s Psychedelic Bubblegum Shop 07.01.17 Hour 2

Rock Me / Steppenwolf John Works Hard / The Laughing Wind Beggin’ Benny / Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids Pop Muzic / M Double Yellow Line / The Music Machine Lovin’ Is Livin’ / Five Americans Let Me Be There / Olivia Newton-John (I’ll Give You) Money / Peter Frampton Don’t Look Back /

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The Metal Dad – 7/6/17

  Iron Maiden – The Prisoner In Flames – Behind Space Toxic Holocaust – In the Name of Science Hallows Eve – Outer Limits Hypocrisy – Roswell 47 Voivod – Forgotten in Space Cephalic Carnage – Observer to the Obliteration of Planet Earth Nocturnus – Andromeda Strain Death – Vacant Planets Bison – Primal Emptiness

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