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A series of rock 'n roll matinee shows at Cafe` 9
3-6pm every Sunday.

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The Metal Dad – 05/21/20 Iron Maiden – Aces High Celtic Frost – Into The Crypts Of Rays Venom – Women Leather And Hell Bathory – Hades Paradise Lost – Darker Thoughts Trouble – Psalm 9 Mercyful Fate – Desecration Of Souls Terrorizer – Storm of Stress Exciter – Violence And Force Cirith Ungol – Cirith Ungol Black Sabbath

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My Week That Was 05-21-20 hr.1

“My Week That Was” 05-21-20 playlist Hr.1 Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt CowboyHarry Nilsson – Lost And FoundHarry Nilsson – Hi-Heel Sneakers/Resuce Boy MedleyJim Croce – I Got a NameJim Croce – Roller Derby QueenJim Croce – Workin’ at the Car Wash BluesTerry Draper – Terminus PoliticusTerry Draper – If I

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My Week That Was 05-21-20 hr.2

“My Week That Was” 05-21-20 playlist Hr.2 Neil Young – TryNeil Young – The Old Country WaltzNicolette Larson – Lotta LoveNeil Young – Bite The BulletThe Who – I’m OnePete Townshend – Slit SkirtsPete Townshend – Gonna Get YaNils Lofgren – Keith Don’t Go (Live ’77)Nils Lofgren – Cry Tough (Live ’77)Nils Lofgren – Moon

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the allison transmission 05.22.20

artisanal is an over-used word but it’s descriptive of what happens here . non corporate, individual ,tasty, non focus-grouped ,hand-crafted nuggets of sonic goodness, spun daily by amateurs in the truest sense. lovers of music and certainly unpaid. old school, freeform radio. the allison transmission -made fresh daily Goin’ Back Nils Lofgren Take A

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Franorama 2.0 5/21/20

Ronnie Dio, 10 years gone already; an interesting walk through his eclectic career from 1958-83. Also, new Duncan Reid & the Big Heads …

On The Fly

Graceland, Paul Simon Bye Bye Love, Everly Brothers Ooby Dooby, Roy Orbison I Hear You Knocking, Dave Edmunds Down Along The Cove, Dave Bolton Never Ending Song of Love, Delaney and Bonnie Empty Pages, Traffic World In Changes, Dave Mason Comin’ Home, Delaney and Bonnie I’ll Take You There, Aloe Blacc Road Of Love, Keb

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the allison transmission w/robbie derosa 05.21.20

today, a greedy wayback machine full of musical ideas…an enthusiastic thinman with a kilo of groovy local product…and a musical diversion or three of my own ,will tear at the seams of our little 5 lb sack o’ show … we’ll try not to spill. the allison transmision-made fresh daily Me And You (Against

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Wrong Side of the Tracks – 05/19/20 Canned Heat – Chicago Bound Butterfield Blues Band – Walkin’ Blues Steppenwolf – Chicken Wolf The Allman Brothers Band – Black Hearted Woman The Doors – Been Down So Long The Black Crowes – Words You Throw Away Little Feat – Snakes on Everything The Marshall Tucker Band – See You Later I’m Gone

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the allison transmission 05.20.20

is the world any less crazy today than it was yesterday? of course not, but slowly , carefully ,some doors open . the craziness not withstanding, a smile is always possible. be of good cheer. confuse the bastards. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Open Country Joy Mahavishnu Orchestra One Door Opens Richard Thompson Open

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The Backroom 5.19.20

Rolling the dice as the economy reopens amid the continuing Coronavirus Pandemic. Yup, it’s still here. Delve into a couple of Blocks o’ Funk, including a new tune from The Haggis Horns. Play some dice or az-zahr … and join in The Jazz Meditation™