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the allison transmission 02.21.20

jeez loueeze…the week comes to a crashing halt with too much radio to fit in today’s little two lb sack…you got your gigs…your ponzio…your wayback…your aimless meanderings…reminds me of my days bagging at chicago market. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Time Will Show the Wiser The Merry-Go-Round Merry-G-Round Buffalo Springfield Rollercoaster Zen The Posies

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Franorama 2.0 2/20/20

But Dad, it’s Smokey’s 80th! Plus, the 40th of Elvis Costello’s “Get Happy!” and the 50th of Nilsson’s “The Point.”

the allison transmission 02.20.20

hey man, it’s just you and me…no exciting guests , no over-riding agenda. just you and me and music. not to put too sharp a point on it but even if you weren’t there , this is the music i’d play. i mean, i don’t play it..i just rearrange it for my ears. but you

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Wrong Side of the Tracks – 02/18/20 Dana Gillespie – Happy Birthday Blues Robert Johnson – Ramblin’ On My Mind Johnny Shines – Ramblin’ Blues Lucinda Williams – Nothing In Rambling The Bob Seger System – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man Mambo Sons – The Only Woman Tiny Ocean – Good Man Jeff Przech – Four Letter Words Nathaniel Hintz – Goodbye for

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the allison transmission w/trapper dave calabrese 02.19.20

it’s a WPLR: the early days bonanza …live and archived today on from 9 to 10 am Doc Rock is ‘on the fly’ followed at 10am by Trapper Dave Calabrese on the Allison Transmission. Movin’ On Down The Highway Teegarden & VanWinkle with Bru She Said, “Drive On, Driver” Danny O’Keefe Six Days On

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the allison transmission w/ frank critelli 02.18.20

you ask , “what’s the point?” , you ask, ‘what does that look like to you?” you ask, ‘what was radio like in the stone age?” you ask, ‘what does this day have that makes it special?” frank and i may just have the answers. or not. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Me and

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the allison transmission 02.17.20

(due to circumstances beyond my comprehension, this transmission comes to you in two pieces) once again the icy hand of the program director from the great beyond has delivered a playlist to start the transmission …but then the wonders of the cosmos reveal themselves to save the poor little old school freeform vanity project from

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