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The Sunday Buzz

A series of rock 'n roll matinee shows at Cafe` 9
3-6pm every Sunday.

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The Backroom 5.09.17

Yo Mama’s so funky, she never misses The Backroom.   Music from Grand Mother’s Funck, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Mothers Favorite Child and more for all the moms.

the allison transmission 05.09.17

hello…happy tuesday…and tuesday is frank critelli day on the allison transmission- made fresh daily. Tell Me All the Things You Do- Fleetwood Mac He’s Gonna Step On You Again (2014 Remaster) -John Kongos I Put a Spell On You -Annie Lennox Blue Robin- Paris The Backroom Intrusion (Quadraphonnes) Wishbook -March and Beauty Shiloh

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The Metal Dad – 5/4/17

  Iron Maiden – Powerslave Mercyful Fate – The Bell Witch D.R.I. – Tear It Down Viking – The Trial Blood Ceremony – The Devils Widow Nile – Black Seeds of Vengeance Rage – Deceiver The Ditch And The Delta – Sleeping Dogs Grand Magus – Gauntlet Absu – She Cries the Quiet Lake Black

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the allison transmission 05.08.17

in lieu of a go to recipe for radio excellence…we resort to the time tested method of flinging spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. we’ll limit stains by going with a white sauce. the allison transmission-made fresh daily Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)- The Bottle Rockets Dear Satan- Jellyshirts Fearless -March and

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the loco archives 05.07.17

noonish this sunday (5/07) on cygnusradio …it’s time for another trip back into the near 30 year archives of thelocalbandsshow. as originally aired on wplr …original commercials, concert calendar and hosts intact. part one aired on may 7th in the year 2000 you’ll hear : mocking birds…the gentlemen…my own grenade…mighty purple…gargantua soul and cubistic jack

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The Word According to KP

5/7/17 The Wait – The Pretenders Who Did You Expect – Nicholas Ponzio Loser – Beck The Blue Death – Karen Ponzio Perfect Day – Lou Reed Ode to Boyz – Karen Ponzio Interview/Intro to Whitney Lake Sorrow – Xavier Serrano and Karen Ponzio Whitney Lake Sorrow – Kindred Queer Interview/Intro to No Longer a

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Rich’s Mixed Tape May 5 2017

Just scored some McCartney tickets , so I thought I’d feature some of the artists I’ve had a chance to see live over the years.    Thanks for listening in!  First hour of the show is on the top bar.  Second below. The Beatles Oh! Darling Eric Clapton Get Ready Bob Dylan Lay Lady Lay Elton

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the allison transmission 05.05.17

gotta love a weekend that starts with a shaker and ends with a great buzz…a pre-cap of the music and the madness…the wayback machine will also foist its own musical sensibilities on the show. how does it all fit in a two hour online ,freeform vanity project? …well, frankly, we’ll probably go a bit over.

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My Week That Was 05-04-17 hr.1

“My Week That Was” 05-04-17 playlist Hr.1 Mountain Movers – Angels Don’t Worry March and Beauty – Fearless No Line North – Up From Underneath Annabella – Holiday No Line North – Under the Sun The Mountain Movers – I Shall Be In Love Mountain Movers – Vision Television Jellyshirts – Alizarin Crimson Annabella –

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